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Not sure how long you’ll need something? Changing a provider?
Pay as you use, with continuous support and updates!
Must-have addons without breaking the bank.

Predictable expenses, up-to-date software.

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Viktor, Senior-Developer

PWS Online is a Limited Liability Company registered in Europe.
Our programmers have outstanding qualifications in their respective fields and are paying great attention to code quality and to optimised runtime. 
Being the cheapest is not our main goal, our steadily growing customer base shows that quality products and our long-term availability (15+ years) still has its value.
We hope we can welcome you to the PWS family soon.

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Ordering for multiple installations? Enjoy volume and period discounts.

by selecting multi-domain licenses

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Custom Developments

Can’t find the module you are looking for? If it’s a good idea and others might need it too, we’ll give you a major discount on the development. If you want it only for yourself, we’ll use a normal hourly fee or set a project price. Yours only. Need something modified? Trying to find a web developer for your project?
Drop us a mail, and we’ll get in touch with you. 

PWS Hosting

Made for webshops, optimised for PrestaShop. 
Try our fast, reliable and trusted web hosting service.

What’s extra for others is standard for us: CloudLinux, LiteSpeed Web Server, LSCache, Imunify360 and more premium stuff – included. 
Use up to 6 threads of the CPU, 10GB PMEM, 600MB/s IO, 150 EP.
Shared hosting, dedicated quality.

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