HOW TO: Google Maps API Key Creation

To use your modules that include a map (delivery point selectors in shipping modules) you will need a Google Maps API key.

This service is free, within the limits ($200/mo), which is more than enough for normal shops (> 20k queries).
We haven’t seen a single shop that exceeded these limits.

To begin, you will need a gmail address. Create one, if you don’t already have one.
Then go to Google Cloud Console:

If you already have a project, you can use that, but we assume you don’t. First step is to create one.

Click on “Select a project”, then “NEW PROJECT” in the pop-up window.

Enter any name you like, or leave the automatic one. This can not be changed later.

Then hit “CREATE”.

Now go to the “APIs & Services” / “Credentials” menu.

Click on “+ CREATE CREDENTIALS”, and select “API key” in the menu.

You can already copy this key into the module’s settings, but it will not work yet. (There will be another option at the end to copy the key.)

We will set up restrictions on the key so others can’t use it. (If you skip the restriction and others steal and use your key, you might get billed for it.) Click “RESTRICT KEY”.

Select “HTTP referrers” in the “Application restrictions” section, then in the “Website restrictions” click “ADD AN ITEM”.

Enter your shop’s domain(s) here. We recommend this format: ** and*
(You’ll have to add 2 items.)
This will allow any subdomains to use the key, too. For example: or
Click “DONE” when finished entering the domain, then “Save” once all your domains are entered.

Go back to the “APIs & Services” Dashboard, then select “+ ENABLE APIS AND SERVICES”.

Select “Maps JavaScript API”.

Click “ENABLE”.

We need two more APIs (“Geocoding API” and “Maps Static API”), select them from the list and enable them.

Once finished, the “Enabled APIs” list should look like this:

That’s it. If you haven’t copied the API Key before, go back to the “Credentials” menu and there you can do so.

You can use one API Key in all of our modules, there is no need to create a separate key for them.

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