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Please make sure you have the IonCube Loader installed on your hosting package. Ask your provider to install it if it's missing. It's free and safe.

If you have IonCube Loader installed but the page is still faulty, please check your PHP Version. Our modules currently support PHP 5.6-7.4.

If your modules page or your website is not loading due to an error, please remove the installed module via FTP until your issue is resolved.

Our modules come with e-mail support only.

We try our best to answer your question within a few hours.

We know that you want to resolve your issues ASAP, but since we all work remote, e-mail is your quickest option.

This way we can assign your inquery to the best colleague who will provide an expert level help.

It’s usually an API issue. Please check if you have enabled all the required APIs and you have valid billing data configured at Google. They won't charge you under $200/mo, which would be ten-thousands of API requests.

The required API list is available on the purchased module’s description.

Read this article for a step-by-step guidance.

The core code of our modules is protected by the encryption of IonCube, therefore you can't modify those files. Please send us your inquery via e-mail and we'll respond with the possibilities.

The frontend parts of the modules can be overridden via your theme easily. 

As we experienced serious abusements, we decided to encrypt our modules' core files.

PrestaShop's Addons platform does not allow encryption nor gives proper support in case of license abusements. A few years ago we decided to leave their online store to protect our products.

You get updates and support as long as your subscription is active.

After cancellation, your module's license will expire on the last day of the paid period. If you want a one-time purchase, you can use our normal store for lifetime licenses.

To avoid instant deactivations, there's a short grace period on renew failures. There could be a 3D Secure issue, a temporary network problem or missing funds, which we know, can happen. The length of the grace period is not published on purpose to avoid taking advantages of it. Our system will send you an e-mail, and if the problem isn't solved within the timeframe, your license will be cancelled.

What's in the box?!

What's in the box?!

What's in the booooooxxxx?!!!!

Don't worry. We

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We try to do our best to answer your question within an hour during the day (10:00-24:00 CET).

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